Frequently asked Questions


Here are some answers to some of your questions regarding the event!

What is the course like? How hard is it? The course is challenging by nature and there are numerous obstacles to negotiate and an average level of fitness and strength is required. The beauty is that you can run/walk at your own pace. If an obstacle is too difficult it is fine to walk around it. Oh and of course there will be lots of mud.

Is there lots of mud? Mud, mud, and more mud. The nice sticky stuff.

What do I wear? We recommend you wear at the least, thermals/merino underneath and whatever you like on top (preferably something you don’t love). We also suggest you tape your shoes on. There are prizes for the best dressed teams and individuals.

What training do I need to do? General running and cross training will help on the day.

Will I get a time? Yes all competitors who finish their challenge will receive a time and there are trophies for first place in each category. These will be posted on the website as soon as possible after the event.

Are there prizes for place getters? Although the emphisies is on having fun. There are trophies and prizes thanks to Thermatech for the first place getters in each category.

Are there prizes for the best dressed? Yes, best dressed prizes are awared to best dressed teams and individuals. These are sponsored by Winnie Bagoes Central and DB Export with lots of goodies up for grabs. There is a parade at the start of the race. It is time to let your creative juices flow.

Is there a prize giving? Yes, this is held at Winnie Bagoes Central, doors open at 3 pm with happy hour prices available.  Tropheys and prizes for the category winners and a number of fantastic spot prizes (these will be awarded at prize giving only), so don’t miss out.  This year we have a trophey for the Corporate and Gym/club Challenge.  Children are welcome at prize giving.

When is registration/pack pick up? Registration is on the Friday before the event from 3 to 7 pm at Paul Kelly Motor Company, Moorehouse Avenue.

Will we get a goody bag at registration? Yes, full of treats too.

Will there be a hot shower at the end? Absolutely, these are a pleasure. We suggest you head there as soon as possible after your run to prevent you from cooling down.

Do we wear a number? Yes, a bib will be givien to you at registration along with pins. Please pin this to your chest. We also ask competitors to write their number on the back on their hand in black vivid.  IMPORTANT you must not wear rugby boots or spikes!

How are teams timed? All four team members must crosss the finish line together. There will be a waiting bay before the finish line where you can wait for your team members before crossing the line.  10km runners only will be given an orange band at the halfway point you must cross the line with this band in order to qualify for a time or place.

Will there be photos to purchase afterwards? This year free photos will be posted on our website and Facebook page for you to share shortly after the event.

Are there any freebies at the finish line? Too right! A well-earned DB Export, a cup of hot soup from Bush Road and plenty of Gatorade for rehydration.

Is there a limit on numbers? Yes, there will be so enter now and don’t be disappointed.

Can I withdraw or transfer my entry? There are no cancellation refunds but transfers can be made right up until the event.

Do I have to attend registration or can someone else collect it for me? No, you can get a friend or family member to register. If you are collecting a number of entries please allow time to wait.  Children are ok to attend registration.  There is limited parking.

Do you cater for corporates? You can purchase a tent site for $200 and bring along your own gazebo, bbq etc and hang out before or after the race with your group.

What if I have a large number of entries to register? We endevour to pre register large groups prior to registration. There will be a pick up point at registration for bulk entries. However, please be prepared to wait just in case. It can get very busy.

Can I purchase merchandise? Yes you can do this online before 18 June 2017 and there will be a limited number of shirts for sale at registration and on the day.  All pre ordered merchandise will be at registration to collect.  

Can friends and family come and watch? Yes, they will love it. We have some great spots to enjoy the muddy good fun.

Will there be food and beverage for sale? Yes, there will be food carts and coffee on the day. However, there are no eftpos facilities available so bring plenty of cash.

Do I need to bring my confirmation to registration? No, but check you have received one before heading down to registration. Email if you haven’t received yours 

Do we all start at the same time? No, there will be a staggered start times to prevent bottle necks. The 10 km runners will start first.  It is important that you start in the correct wave.  Please listen carefully to the starter.  Please note: 10km runners only will be given an orange band at the halfway point and you must cross the line with this band in order to qualify for a time or place.

Is there plenty of parking? Yes but please give yourself plenty of time to get to there to prevent delays or missing the start. We suggest you arrive by 10am at the latest. The gates will open at 8 am.